Christmas Past

Images from our holiday home over the years - mostly put together for Montana to share with italian friends and family, but you can look too... I likes to share ....enjoy

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Merry Christmas

December 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas Page Two

Here we are as usual on Christmas break!
Montana and Grandpa

The kitchen counter


Christmas goose greeter at the front door

First time in 10 years for the 1950 Lionel
The kids love it

More counter scene

She is looking at the candy dishes


Entry mirror

My best friend

Snowflake that Montana and I made

Penguin was a retirement gift!

Tree scene

Opus watching the tree

Snowflake II

Tree scene

Shauna the daughter in law all dressed up for the Sunday game!

Snow family

Kitchen fiber optic snow man

Elf tree scene

Snow family

Penguin tree scene

Ho.......... HO............... Ho

Snowman tree scene




Merry Christmas

December 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas Page One

James, Frosty, Santa and Penguins

Montana with Antlers

Entry way village

Bookshelf with new village


Sister and Brother

Montana constructs village

Downstairs staging

Downstairs storage

Fine tuning

Shauna decorates the downstairs bedroom

Storage and staging

Grandpa and James village building

Santa has a fast car

James...Browns beat the Steelers!

Dining room looking to patio

What is he thinking?

Computer room

New village has a Rhino and baby
What's that guy shoveling?

Patio tree snow

Another bookshelf look

Lets ride!

Fiber optic snowman

Patio tree

Poinsettia in Ed's office

Yup...Browns beat the Steelers!

Bottom of steps to basement twig tree

Sister and brother again

New design on yard spruce with sparkle ball!

What's he thinking?

Looking left out the kitchen to the patio

Stair well tree

Looking right out the kitchen to the patio

Master bedroom bed display

Looking right again

Office fiber optic tree

Office bureau of old ornaments

Office corner

Decorator Ed in his computer room

Frosty and Santa

Bookshelf top shelf

Kid's bedroom

Entry village

Entry village with Bumbles, Frosty, Yukon Cornelius and Rudolph

Entry way corner
Montana and I made the snowflake

Hand crafted Christmas tree
We like the new blue LED lights

TV top display.
Grandpa ornament is only 10 yrs old.
Santa and sleigh close to 30 year tradition now.

New village close up.

Merry Christmas
Montana and James
We are just warming up!
Come back later for more pictures.

Here is Part II as promised!

Flower barrel welcome at our front walk

Annie's corner

Living room

Dad's nativity scene

Opus has sat and gazed at our Christmas tree for 30 years

Motorized under the village

Old blow up snowman and lighted palm

Crochet snow people my wife don't care for....
My dad's girlfriend made them

The cherry tree and ornaments

Village guy fixing street light

Village reindeer

Welcome to Ed and Annie's

Brother Jim sent the green rope light
I made the sparkle ball

One of my favorites, the top of the TV Santa and Reindeer




Christmas 2008

I am a light guy! Click for larger image!



Great Grandma in Overdrive

Up on the roof top.....

Typing to Aunt Mickey

Best Buddies

Ho Ho Ho

Thats Us Again

One More Time

Lights, lights, lights....

Oh Fudge

Wrapping after Shopping

Grandpa's nose is red
Must be the Grandpa Juice


Mom's Special Gift

Uncle Buddy (UB) in Ohio with Remo and Maria

and the kick boxing Santa

Oh boy..celery!

You should see the full video!
A couple of Rudolphs.

Goshpah, Meehah, Baltizaar and Montana
Christmas Day

Everyone is happy

Nice bow...

Will it grow hair...


That is a good picture.

They are going to Houston!

Carving the roast beast....

Christmas comes but once a year!


Ed and Dave had to sit at the kids table.



Au Juiced

Merry Christmas