Road Trip 2016 click the pic



Happy St Patrick's Day

Christmas Cookies and stuff like that...

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Christmas Past - click on the pic to browse a history of Lozar house Christmas


Thankgiving - click the pic for more

Green Apple Deer Fun

Paving the Patio - stuff Arrives

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Another picture collection - Patio Part 4

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Patio Project continued...

Dirt moving... click on the pic for more

pics - new pics 7/26


Patio project starts - click the pic for more


Sooth Sayer and Idaho Gazing Ball

Audriel and Montana

Don't dance in these shoes

Eddie's Garden

Freshened the Windmill Paint


Final Chapter - Road Trip 2015

Homeward and north - just dodging the weather

But fun on the way - CLICK HERE or on the lizard


Road Trip 2015

Had to use my imagination to find pictures in a stark desert?

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Ok part 2 is here now.. click here or on the palm


Annie and Ed ...on the road again..click here or the pic for detailon part one





Artsy Ed, paints a shed ...

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Chris and Amy Get Hitched


Fall Yard Walk

Jimmy and Ed and the shed


Road Trip North Aug 2014


August Garden (Click on an image or link for more....)

New Windows!!!

Garden Time begins

Easter Eggs Coloring Day

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Road Trip Spring 2014

Road Trip 2014 Part 1 (click)

Road Trip 2014 Part 2

Annie and Ed on the road 2013

Lou eeeeee zeee Annie... click on pic above for a few more pics...



We went to Jamaica with a wonderful group of people...

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Montana at 13, Christmas 2012

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Montana portraits

Christmas peoples and dinner

Tile and carpet project


BEFORE - Bert, Annie, and Ginger 1991 or there abouts

AFTER - 2012 Hmmmm?


Turkey Girls

Montana's 12th Birthday

Canoe Trip,
June 2011

Green River

Ambergris Caye April 2011


Last Years Stuff and Beyond

Road Trip - Mt Shasta

49 Palms in the Mohave

Miller and Ed near Crater lake

Fred and Ed near the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Goblin Valley near Hanksville, Ut

Kelso Depot in the Mohave

The White Rim in Canyonlands

WOW! 100 mile 4x4 drive, that is my truck!

Slot canyon near Hanksville

Miller and me catchin some rays in Great Basin NP

Miller and me in Joshua Tree NP

Now I am home sanding and caulking and painting in between rain storms

Montana and James

Christmas 2009


Special Ed


The Lozar Light Show 2009

Christmas 2008